In the nineties when Carole Cervera first settled in Madrid, Spain’s capital was just becoming aware that there was indeed a life after the Movida’s punk/rock esthetic…. The city turned its attention to clothes designing. In terms of fashion, the field was wide open. But Carole, beautiful and elegant Frenchwoman of Catalonian origin had come prepared. Her Parisian life had given her a certain know-how she deftly used to open her press office in the capital’s heart. She was ready to bring glamorous finesse to all she touched.
The domain was open-ended. Fashion magazines were few, but progressively they developed and this was the medium Carole tackled to promote brands that had entrusted her with their press and communication budgets.

The young woman thus wove a tight network with both her clients and fashion editorialists. One of the first to utilize her expertise in Madrid and fully determined to discover new talent, in parallel Carole didn’t hesitate to solicit more established lines both in Spain and abroad, be they French, British or others.

Twenty years later, the list of her clients and their success is an excellent indication of long years of in-depth work, perseverance and the capacity to adapt on the part of Carole Cervera and her team. Whether it be creators who have become stars of fashion on a national and international level or foreign references who have made a name for themselves in Spain, Carole was behind it all.

And when a rising trajectory of business aligns itself with the ever-evolving professional environment, it is a sure sign of a phenomenon of osmosis.

Two decades after its conception, the results obtained by Carole Cervera’s press office testify to a combination of audacity, intuition and a strong sense of quality, guaranteeing success.

Editorials in specialized and peripheral press, organization of fashion shows and events, product placement, community management; everything speaks of creativity in service of a brand, orienting journalists’ vision and opening new horizons.

The secret for success of a press office has found a niche given the international scope of Carole Cervera, perpetually tracking trends and selecting members of her team.


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