When Carole established her office on the first floor of a beautiful 19th century building in the historical neighborhood of Chueca, it had not yet developed into the epicenter of young creators and fashionable locales in Madrid. Following in the image of the fashion world it had just begun to emerge from a state of lethargy. Several years later it would blossom into the international reference it has become today.

Carole was instantly enamored with the place – its high ceilings, perfect lighting streaming through bay windows and their southern exposure. She designed it in such a way that circulation is fluid; clothing and accessories

are shown to their advantage thereby facilitating fashion editors shopping while making them feel at ease.

During renovation work molding was revealed which had previously been concealed beneath the false ceiling. This was when Carole realized that the space had long been the site of the Dorian, a mythical Jazz club. This was certainly no coincidence. For if this musical genre excels in improvisation, the latter is the fruit of a perfect mastery of rhythm. Something that truly defines Carole, who manipulates the full range of her profession at her fingertips, adept at expressing her sound work ethic, creativity, freedom and perfect timing.